Most Attractive Convict Gets Modelling Deals

Never would have I thought of being a convict in order to land on a modelling gig, but Jeremy Meeks just had his mug shot and now he’s the most sought-after convict to model. Unfortunately, he’s got to get out of jail before taking any photoshoots.

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Reports states that he can book gigs worth $15-30 K a month since “gangster models” are totally in right now. They weren’t even daunted by his many tattoos, in fact, it added to his bad boy image. It all started when his booking photo went viral on the internet. Meeks is being held on a $900,000 bail, and it wouldn’t be easy for him to make that sum of money any sooner.

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He was busted on felony gun charges in Stockton, California, and is already a convicted criminal, making serious weapon charges even more so.

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