Most Flexible Boy In The World – Gagan Satish

A 6-year-old school boy from Bangalore, India has turned out to be a limbo legend, by roller-skating beneath thirty-nine cars in a row.

It took Gagan Satish just twenty-nine seconds to cover a distance of almost 230ft with his face just 5inches from the floor.


The young skater is currently vowing to engage the world after turning out to be a celebrity in his home town and inspiring others to adopt the strange sport.

Gagan, who got his first pair of skates on his third birthday, was at first rejected by his local club because of his young age.

But his 28-year-old mom Hema Satish was determined he would be accepted by the club.




She said her son had been hurt a lot of times, but at all times rose up again to continue.

Ganga’s father Rajanna Satish, who manages a repair center for washing machines, said he was tense all through Ganga’s record attempt that was recorded by a local camera crew, but delighted he had made it.

The boy’s record-breaking stunt has been officially recognized by India Book of Records as the ‘Furthest Distance In Limbo Skating Under Cars’, but the achievement has yet to be approved by the Guinness Book of World Records.




In attaining his objective, Gagan broke the earlier record of 157ft set by Shreeya Deshpande, 2 years ago, then 5, in Kolhapur in India.

Gagan follows a strenuous regime and never misses any of his training classes.

His father says they spend three hours a day on muscle flexibility and speed-training to help Gagan acquire speed as he can before he ducks in to the limbo posture.


It was the culmination of 3 months expert training with his trainer Yatish Gowda.

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