Mysterious Explosion Spotted On Jupiter

Earlier this month, several amateur astronomers saw a ‘strange light’ while observing Jupiter.

John McKeon was able to use his camera to catch the flash while he was filming the planet Jupiter in Ireland, and he stated he saw a ‘strange light on the edge of the planetary disc’.


Sources say John was filming a time-lapse of Jupiter’s movement, when by sheer by sheer coincidence he captured the flash of light in the last shot of the night.

In spite of having spotted the flash he was not sure if he’d he had actually observed the light; however, ten days later he browsed through the videos and discovered this ‘strange light spot that which emerged for less than a second.

Experts have suggested it may be a comet or an asteroid and NASA asteroid scientist, Paul Chodas said; ‘It is very likely to be an asteroid for the reason that there are more of them.”

It’s been theorized that Jupiter plays the role of a shield for the Earth diverting asteroids and comets away from the earth with its massive gravity and it isn’t the first time an asteroid has bumped into the gas planet.

If the impact’s verified, then this might be one of only a handful of documented impacts ever on the Jupiter.

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