Mysterious Footage Claims To Show The Real Life Big Foot

For many years, lots of people have searched for the mythical Sasquatch, and currently, we might be a step closer to discovering the truth behind this legendary beast.


Cameras in northern California captured video of a huge, ape-like beast, which is rumored to be Bigfoot himself. The cameras were initially set up to catch drug gangs growing cannabis, but rather snared something totally different. The weird footage clearly shows something large and hairy moving around the camera. Although very little is seen, it’s apparently enough for some people to allege it is the infamous Sasquatch.

The site, Sasquatch Chronicles, devoted to everything Bigfoot, posted a clip of the footage got from California’s Sequoia National Park. The clip was got from a cop and former game warden, who sent it to the website’s administrators as proof. Apparently, the camera was 27 miles into the Sequoia National Forest and was not reachable by vehicles. It could only be accessed by ATV and then by foot.

In spite of the certainty that the officer stated, he did acknowledge, “the footage isn’t conclusive as it does not show the face.” Bigfoot lovers on Sasquatch Chronicles have shared their doubts regarding the video also; however, some are fascinated enough to question whether this footage is, in fact, confirmation that Bigfoot does indeed exist.

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