Mystery UFO Appears To Watch Astronauts At The International Space Station

This fascinating video filmed by NASA shows a ‘UFO’ hovering close to the International Space Station as two astronauts carry out a spacewalk.

In the 5-minute footage, posted to YouTube, NASA astronaut Alexander Gerst and Reid Wiseman, from the European Space Agency (ESA), are observed on the spacewalk.


Both donned in spacesuits, step outside to perform a series of repairs.

But for approximately 5 seconds, a mystery craft that is most probably flying in or hovering, is also noticeable in the background, in the pitch black.

It shows up in the camera frame between the Earth and space station, an area filled with just blackness just some seconds earlier.

Unsurprisingly, NASA has yet to make a statement on the mystifying object.

However, the agency has confirmed that the spacewalk, which occurred on Tue. 7th October witnessed two astronauts finishing tasks for the Expedition 41 crew.

The pair moved a broken cooling pump into an outer storage space.

Additionally, they fixed the gear that gives back up power for the robotic arm located outside and the ‘rail-car’ system it makes use of to move along the station’s length.

The video, uploaded by NASA, has been watched 28,000 times.

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