NASA Discovers Aliens On Mars

A scientist alleges he has discovered a window in a Mars crater with aliens looking out.

58-year-old Science blogger Andre Gignac said of the spectacular find was discovered in a photograph released by NASA.


He said he was curious regarding a dark spot on the rim of the Endeavour crater he saw in the original picture, so he made the decision to explore deeper.

And, to his surprise, there was something else he states is evidence of the claimed artificial structure.

Cignac believes that the “bunker”, constructed in solid rock, could as well be a “corridor heading to a larger bunker”.

He says she finds the irregularities using the “usual tools” like tint, contrast, color, focus and exposure.

The writer, who states that since the 70s he has been interested in astronomy, alleges to have been closely searching for pictures of Mars daily for the past 11 months.


He alleges to have worked for the New York for the United Nations and the Publications Québecor in Montreal and now maintains a site where he writes regarding his latest discoveries.

However, most people believe that many of the anomalies discovered in the images of Mars are nothing but acute cases of paredolia.

Other people believe that natural agents, like acid fog and solar wind, are the reason behind the visual oddities.

NASA has earlier said that groundwater might be the reason behind erosion in and narrow channels and specific sand formations like gullies.


In Nov. 2014, a British man thought to have discovered the remains of a “giant humanoid” in another photo of the Red Planet.

Cignac remains certain that his discovery is real and that he may have “come across the deployment of Missiles” on Mars.

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  • andre r. gignac

    I don’t have a clue as to where you got the idea that I am a “scientist”. I am not a scientist, never been one, and I never, never claimed to be a scientist.