NASA Spots Mysterious UFO Outside The International Space Station

A UFO has been seen close to the International Space Station, and NASA seems to know it.

In the footage, alien hunter Scott warring shows a mysterious light spotted in the live feed beamed back by a camera on the ISS.


The NASA camera operator pans left and then zooms in on the glowing light that Scott associated with one of the shining “foo fighters” seen by fighter pilots during World War II.

The illumination is so bright that the camera is unable to focus correctly.

The object as well seems to be tracking the ISS, moving at the same speed behind it.

NASA then panics and cuts the feed, Scott stated

When the video starts once more, the weird light has disappeared.


Scott is renowned for spotting odd things on the surface of Mars.

He alleged, “midget mini-Martians’” at one time lived on the Red Planet besides other species that left behind a UFO, A Martian version of Stonehenge, a space crab and a floating spoon, among lots of other things.

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