New Hormone Spray Makes Men More Attractive To Women

Scientists are alleging they have found a potion, which has a real-life aphrodisiac effect.

A study has disclosed that women who breathed in the new spray discovered their partners to be fifteen percent more appealing than they had earlier.


Scientists at the University of Bonn in Germany requested forty female volunteers to participate in tests on the hormone spray containing syntocinon, a synthetic type of the hormone oxytocin that is naturally released in the brain when people fall in love.

Oxytocin as well plays a major role during childbirth, stimulates milk production in mothers, and assists them to bond with their little ones but, so far, its effect on the way women perceive men hasn’t actually been understood.

The women who participated in the research were all in their 20s twenties and described themselves as being “passionately in love”. Fifty percent those in the sample were offered the syntocinon nasal spray to inhale while the other women were offered a placebo. They were all then given photos of men, which include their partners.

Sources say the scientists then switched the experiment group around and offered the spray to the twenty who inhaled the placebo and vice versa.


The women graded their companions as fifteen per cent more appealing after inhaling the spray than after breathing in the placebo. But women who were utilizing the contraceptive pill discovered their partners no more attractive after inhaling the spray.

Syntocinon spray may be purchased on the internet; however, Neal Patel of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society said it should not be got without a prescription because it can affect the rhythm of the heart and bring about miscarriages, nausea and also headaches.

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