Newborn Baby Found Alive In A Garbage Bag

This is the horrible moment a small newly born baby was discovered alive inside a garbage bag with its umbilical cord still connected.

The video shows a group of women and men assisting the baby after finding it inside the bag beside the road.


To their shock, the newborn is alive and spreads out its arms as a good samaritan pick it up.

A woman in a pink colored tracksuit is captured wearing a pair of plastic cleaning gloves before tearing open the garbage bin having the baby.

Another woman lays out a piece of fabric for the newborn to be placed on after it was cautiously taken out.


As the infant is lifted, it become obvious that not only the umbilical cord but additionally the placenta remain attached.

They wrap the newborn in the material beside the placenta and take it to safety.

It isn’t known where the footage was shot though it’s thought to be in the Philippines.


In China, desertion has been influenced by the one-child policy along with a traditional bias for sons, who support aged parents and carry on the family name, has resulted in the desertion of girls.

Each year, a large number of parents globally abandon a number of their kids.

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