Nicki Minaj & Beyonce’s ‘Feeling Myself’ Now On Vevo

Beyonce’s music might soon not be accessible on her streaming service Tidal, following a fall out with Sony Music.

Together with Jay Z, Beyonce is one of the principal major owners of Tidal but she has encountered several issues in her present label Sony. The record firm, who own licensing rights to Beyonce’s music, is asking for a substantial cash advance to allow her songs to be played on the Tidal.


Sony Music threatens to pull Beyonce’s catalogue except if an agreement is reached.

The major problem seems to be who controls an artist’s the rights of an artist. In spite of the seemingly remarkable press conference of megastars starting from Jack White to Daft Punk Daft Punk conducted previously this year, it seems the artists did not look at the small print.

Tidal have managed to broker deals with Warner and Universal. Lately, Tidal had to reject rumors that they will release a longed-for Beyonce and Jay Z album solely on this service.

Nicki Minaj and Beyonce lately released ‘Feeling Myself’ as a Tidal exclusive; however, within minutes it was being streamed unlawfully. The video has currently been uploaded to Vevo.

This recent headline is the latest in a string of frustrations for Tidal. Several artists have spoken out regarding their worries for the streaming firm.

Tidal reports that 900,000 are presently subscribed to the service.

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