Nicole Arbour Fat Shames People On YouTube

Last week, Nicole Arbour uploaded a video to YouTube entitled “Dear Fat People.”

“Fat shaming isn’t a thing,” Nicole states in her presently viral video, “Fat people made that up.’


Currently, YouTube stars such as Tyler Oakley and Grace Helbig are protesting against the video that Nicole alleges got her temporary suspended from YouTube.

Nicole’s “Dear Fat People” clip that she posted on 3rd September has already reached more than 500,000 YouTube views and over 18 million Facebook views.

On Sunday, she posted on Facebook alleging that her “Dear Fat People” video had disappeared from YouTube.

Nicole as well posted a photo stating that her YouTube account had been suspended.

On Twitter, Nicole referred herself to as the “first comedian in the history of YouTube to be censored.

Nicole’s story was picked up by CNN, and then she posted on Facebook alleging her channel had been restored, but that all of her clips were still gone.

But not everybody thought that YouTube had shutdown Nicole’s account. Several people on Twitter accused Nicole of removing her own account as a publicity stunt.

Whether Nicole or YouTube deleted the videos, “Dear Fat People” has triggered an outpouring of comments. Earlier Sunday, she started trending on Facebook and many social media stars have called her out for her video.

YouTubers, including Grace Helbig and Megan Tonjes have as well shared videos in answer to “Dear Fat People,” sources reported.

Not all the reactions have been negative. Most people on the internet have likewise expressed their support for Nicole.

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