Nurse Snaps Photo Of Patient’s Private Parts

A nurse pleaded guilty to taking a picture of a patient’s penis and filming another patient’s rectum.

Sources say the Onondaga County District Attorney’s Office started probing Kristen Johnson, 27, after co-workers at State University of New Upstate University Hospital complained regarding her sending text messages having unacceptable pictures of patients.


Kristen was arrested in May 2015 after a 9-month investigation and charged with two felony counts of illegal surveillance and a misdemeanor of distributing illegal surveillance.

Authorities confirmed Kristen took a picture of a patient’s penis while he was unconscious. Kristen as well used her iPhone 5 to film a nurse cleaning the gastrointestinal blood clot of a female patient; she afterward sent the clip to the nurse who treated the woman.

The picture of the man’s penis as well as the video that showed the female patient’s rectum, were allegedly found on Kristen’s laptop.


Upstate University Hospital

Kristen struck a plea deal where the felony charges were dropped.

In November, Kristen pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charge and agreed to turn in her nursing license and spend 3 years on probation.

Her crimes were since disclosed to the patients involved and also their families.

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