One Direction Fan Tragically Killed By A Train

One Direction fan Jana Djuric died unexpectedly during what began as just a usual stroll home with a pal.

The 15-year-old from Serbia was strolling home from school with her pal Valerija Kolar when the accident occurred. They made the decision to take a shortcut over a railway line they thought was not presently operating.


We were enjoying the band’s track Best Song Ever, and she dashed ahead of me onto the tracks. The line had been shut down ten months earlier and we no clue it was operating once more,” said her friend.

“Jana was singing and dancing and then unexpectedly the train emerged and hit her. And then she was gone,” she narrated.


A quiet vigil at the school was conducted by teachers and Jana’s classmates after the disaster. The spokesperson just had the kindest words about Jana, “She was a lovely girl who was at all times friendly and smiling. Jana loved music and sports. This is a heartbreaking day for everybody here and our thoughts will always be with Jana.”

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