Owner Of The World’s Most Haunted House Traumatized By Demonic Goat

United Kingdom’s most haunted house is up for auction after its owner alleged she was traumatized by the ghost of a demonic goat.


When 43-year-old Vanessa Mitchell moved into her new cottage, called the Cage, in 2004 she was not knowledgeable about its eerie reputation.

But since Vanessa moved in she has witnessed some ghostly figures, seen mysterious blood splatters show up on the floor, spanked on the butt by an unseen hand and been pushed over while heavily pregnant.



The house that was a medieval jail has a frightening history and hosted one of the most well-known witch hunts in England in the 16th Century where eight women passed away after being accused of witchcraft.

She has been able to keep her cursed cottage for eleven years, which makes her the second longest-lasting owner, with earlier owners selling up in less than 4 years.

But Vanessa’s currently putting the Cage up for sale after frightening CCTV footage disclosed what she states is the face of a demonic goat that she thinks confirms the existence of dark spirits.


While the house is up for auction Vanessa’s continuing to probe the property’s troubled history in hoping to find why it is so of haunted.

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