Paris Hilton Screaming As Her Plane Is About To Crash – Prank Gone Wrong?

Paris Hilton experienced a distressing jet crash prank by an Egyptian television show.

Distressing video footage has surfaced of Paris with Egyptian actor Ramaz Galal on an aircraft in Dubai after being convinced to take a fifteen-minute aerial sightseeing tour of the city.


A couple of minutes into the trip, the socialite, who is oblivious she is being filmed for prank show Ramez In Control, begins screaming as the pilot starts to simulate a problem on the airplane.

The terrifying prank, which lasts over 5 minutes, sees the aircraft move up and down, with two passengers parachuting out mid-flight.

Paris appears truly frightened and begins crying in the video that was never aired on television.



A passenger opens up the side door of the plane and throws a man out as Paris shouts “No, I don’t want to jump.”

After the jet land, Ramaz informs Paris he is an actor and that the plane crash was a hoax, Hilton appears so truly shaken audience know she wasn’t in on the joke.

Ramaz has pulled this prank in the past four Ramadans.



Another footage posted on YouTube has a preview of included in the jet crash prank.

Ramaz has earlier tricked guests into thinking that live sharks were consuming them in the ocean.

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