Photoshopped Pic Wins Photograph Of The Year

Nikon was left red-faced after they stated the winner of a photography contest, only to realize that the photo was photoshopped.


Their Singapore office disclosed that Chay Yu Wei, who is an amateur photographer claimed the esteemed reward for what appears to be an amazing shot.

The camera firm’s Singapore office disclosed that Chay had claimed the coveted reward of a trolley bag for his amazing shot.


He claimed that he had managed to shoot an amazing moment of a low-flying aircraft over Singapore, captured unintentionally as he was ascending a ladder.

However, actual snappers quite speedily spotted that something was amiss with the photo; it was unquestionably Photoshopped.


A faint white box can be spotted around the aircraft that implies it was put in post shot and Nikon fans called the camera specialists out for awarding the reward to a phony.

The photo has since gone viral, with other snappers attempting to manipulate the photo.




Nikon_gNikon appeared to take the joke fairly well; however, they ought to check over their entries somewhat better in the future.

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