Pokemon Go Servers Hacked By PoodleCorp

PoodleCorp had claimed responsibility for hacking Pokémon Go servers using a DDOS attack.

The hackers announced on Twitter it was responsible for the action; however, this allegation is yet to be confirmed.

Pokémon Go-a

The account as well retweeted a post by a user alleging to be PoodleCorp’s leader.

PoodleCorp has lately targeted high profile YouTubers like Pewdiepie, according to sources.

A DDOS, or Distributed Denial of Service, is a method troublemakers crash servers by bombarding them with so many requests each second that they can’t handle.

On Saturday, users across Europe and America complained they were not able to access the game, or that it was freezing.

Pokémon Go servers as well crashed previously in July shortly after launching, because of unprecedented demand.

Pokémon Go-b

The occurrence is one of many international news stories associated with the game since its unveiling earlier in July.

In New York, a man crashed his car into a tree, afterward confessing to cops that the game had distracted him.

In another case, two men in San Diego fell off a cliff after they scaled a fence to try to catch the animated characters.

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