Police Thwart Major School Shooting

A teen who threatened to ‘shoot every black person at the University of Missouri has been taken to custody, campus cops state.

19-year-old Hunter M. Park was apprehended in the town of Rolla, roughly a hundred miles from the campus on suspicion of posting threats to social media in the midst racial strains at the university.


Cops state he is being held accused of making a terrorist threat, although he has not been officially charged, whilst his bond is placed at $4,500.

Cops state that Hunter was arrested and isn’t a student at the college.

There was anxiety yesterday after threatening unidentified messages shown up on social media, with a few students reported to have abandoned campus grounds over worries for their safety.

The messages showed up a day after the president of the university Tim Wolfe Tim Wolfe was ousted by predominantly black protesters following grievances that he failed to handle multiple racist occurrences on the college.

In one occurrence, a swastika was drawn on the wall of one residential hall with human waste, and in one more a white student yelled racial slurs at some black students getting ready for a homecoming procession.

Concerns were raised for the safety of students yesterday after at least two messages emerged on unidentified social media app Yik Yak.


It’s believed that ‘stand my ground’ pertains to Missouri’s gun law that states people aren’t supposed to retreat before resorting to deadly force while on their property, like a school, a home, or office.

Students had ordered that classes be stopped over fears of a mass shooting, but authorities state the timetable will be operating as normal, but with additional security.

Many other events were stopped, but, with the students’ ROTC calling off a training session, and informing members to put on civilian clothes.

A meeting at the university Black Culture Center was as well cancelled as legislators and black activists meeting inside were threatened.

Members of the group Concerned Student 1950 and leaders from the Missouri Legislative Black Caucus were meeting to talk about opportunities to opportunities to develop racial equality and get rid of systemic injustice at Mizzou.

Tensions started mounting at Mizzou in early Oct. when student group the Legion of Black Collegians was preparing a homecoming event.

Members of the group state that they were halfway through when a white student went on to the stage and started shouting racial insults.

When students blocked section of the homecoming parade and surrounded the car of Wolfe, stating they wished to talk to him, his driver tried to push through them.

Weeks later the swastika was discovered, resulting in protest group Concerned Student 1950-referencing the year Mizzou signed up its first black student; getting created to deal with ‘pervasive racism’ on the college.

Tensions reached increased, when thirty-two of the school’s football team stated they were boycotting all upcoming games until Wolfe resigned.



The school’s next game was slated for this weekend at the Kansas City’s Chief’s stadium, and cancelling it might have cost huge amounts of money.

After professors signed up with the protesters, Wolfe ultimately confirmed his resignation, accompanied by that of the chancellor, who stated he will be resigning at the end of this year.

Following the president’s decision to resign, the sportsmen went back to practice, just hours before the threats were posted on the internet.

In spite of the resignations, emotions remain high on campus, as proved by the female assistant media professor filmed unlawfully throwing out journalists attempting to cover the demonstrations.


In the video, Melissa Click may be seen shouting at photojournalists to exit the public square of the campus, even requesting ‘muscle’ to assist her do it.

But Melissa has since made an apology, issuing a statement stating: ‘It was a historic day at MU, filled with confusion and emotions.

The apology came after David Kurpius, the dean of the UM Journalist School, publicized that Melissa’s courtesy title would be taken out.

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