Pranksters Convince Cop To Ride A Swagway

It turned out to be a day to remember for the pranksters. A small group of pranksters managed to capture the magnificent moment when they succeeded in convincing a female police officer to ride a hoverboard scooter in public in spite of the fact that the gadgets are prohibited.

Riding two-wheeled devices on the roads of Britain is considered unlawful, but looks like the Metropolitan Police Officers doesn’t seem to care about this, at least in the video.

In order to judge the seriousness of the claims made by the authorities regarding the new offence, each member of the group deliberately rode the two–wheeler in full public glare, right in front of the police officers.

Even after noticing the lads hovering around the streets, the cops never bother to make their presence felt, as seen in the video.

Further, we can witness a person inquiring from an officer if the gadget is allowed on the streets of Britain, but the police officer looks apprehensive and lacks intent to catch the prankster.

The pranksters seem to find an easy target up next, when they influence a female cop to jump on board of the two-wheeler irrespective of the fact that it is a public place involving a lot of people walking by.

Carnage, a popular British You Tube star was behind the whole idea, which even uploaded the entire recording to the video site for their viewers.

Carnage stated “We decided to test out what police would do if we rode it around London!

“Let’s make it clear, the people of the UK and the internet do not want to see any the police officers suffer any consequences from this video.

“With all the negative press police get in the media each police officer was doing their job by showing kindness to the public, even at a time of great stress when cuts to the police force jeopardize their job.

“We respect them more for being a human being. That and enforcing the law on these pointless boards is stupid, officers’ limited time should be used in a more constructive manner.

The Metropolitan Police, at the start of the month announced that riding the stylish hoverboard scooters or Segways on the roads of Britain can land you in trouble.

A person is only allowed to hop on segways or hoverboards only on his private property in UK, according to Crown Prosecution Service.

“Any user of such a vehicle on a public road is likely at the very least to be committing the offences of using the vehicle without insurance and using the vehicle without an excise license,” it stated.

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