Pregnant Mother Sent To Jail After Poisoning Herself

A 24-year-old woman who took poison she purchased online to terminate her unborn son as she could not handle the stress has been put behind bars.

Natalie Towers collapsed crying in the dock at Newcastle Crown Court when she was given a 2-year, 6-month sentence.


Mr Justice Jay stated the case involved the extinguishing of life about to start.

He offered her credit for confessing the charge of using poison with the objective to procure a miscarriage; however, stated an instant custodial sentence needed to be passed and it couldn’t be suspended.

The trial heard Natalie took a drug to induce a miscarriage when her pregnancy was between 32 and 34 weeks.

Her toddler, afterward named Luke Clark, was discovered head-first down the toilet after she alerted paramedics to her home in November 2014.

The Judge informed her: ‘In spite of attempts made by the paramedics and hospital, the baby couldn’t be saved. Both paramedics were clearly distraught by what they witnessed.

The judge stated that while it was obvious Natalie knew she was expecting, he accepted she wouldn’t have been certain precisely how far along she was.

However, a spokeswoman for the British Pregnancy Advisory Service stated all pregnant women should search for expert help, adding: ‘Under present legislation women who induce their pregnancies, have to be conscious they can be prosecuted and jailed.

Previously, prosecutor Sarah Mallett informed the hearing that Natalie’s partner, who she lived with, was not aware she was expecting.

She was staying with her boyfriend Sean Clark when the incident took place.


Natalie was alone in the house when she called for an ambulance, stating she was having a miscarriage.

She informed paramedics she had abdominal aches and heavy bleeding; however, she didn’t seem distraught and was pleased and settled. It was, at that point, believed she had had an early stage miscarriage.

The trial heard the paramedics offered her counsel and when one began walking towards the toilet, Natalie stated, ‘It’s dead, I know it’s dead’.

Sarah added: ‘The paramedic was traumatized. What she saw there was a child in the toilet, head first.

‘She took such measures as she could to help the infant. She stated he felt warm, pale, and not blue.

‘The baby was small but completely formed. She examined for indications of life; however, there wasn’t.’

Post-mortem tests of the toddler verified he was between 32 and 34 weeks gestation and had been stillborn.

The prosecutor added: At that gestation, an ordinarily formed fetus could be expected to survive, with proper and well-timed treatment.

The trial heard packaging of misoprostol tablets was discovered during a search at her home by cops.

Natalie, at first, declined to be aware she was expecting; however, afterward admitted that she suspected she was pregnant, but couldn’t manage the stress. The trial heard Natalie as well his a previous pregnancy.

A search of her home computer disclosed her visit to an online drugstore with regards to ‘abortion pills’ and questions concerning how she could delete her search history. An additional search was with regards to infants given birth to at twenty-four weeks.

Sarah added: ‘Natalie was worried regarding how she could totally delete her private online browsing and what cops would look for.’

Daniel Cordey, defending, stated Natalie is struggling to come to grips with her actions’.

The trial heard Natalie has a history of psychological and emotional issues.

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