Ronda Rousey Viciously Knocked Out By Holly Holm

Holly Hom beated Ronda Rousey in the mixed martial arts. Ronda was beaten first time in her mixed martial arts career so far.  2E7562C100000578-0-image-a-17_1447567037696

Holm repeatedly punched her face which led her to win the title.


It was record breaking defeat in UFC’s history in the presence of around 56,214 people in Melbourne.


Rousey went down by a kick on the head which was enough for her not to respond back!


Rosuey was lying on the floor and was taken to the hospital after getting defeated by Holm. 2E7567F700000578-3319107-image-a-20_1447567551929

“I don’t know, I’m trying to take it all in. This is crazy!,”

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“Getting in here, I just felt so much support. I thought, “How can I not do this with all this support?” I had the best coaching, from stand-up to grappling to wrestling.”

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“I have to say, everything we worked on presented itself in the fight. Every grab she tried to get, on the cage, I have not spent this much time in the gym before any fight in my life.”


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