Russian Miners Discover New Dinosaur Deep Underground

Deep in the frozen tundra of Siberia a ‘new’ and weird dinosaur’ has been found.

The mummified remains of the bizarre little creature that look like a small cat or Wolverine were discovered deep underground in Udachny diamond mines in Russia.


The miners who discovered the creature labeled it a ‘monster mummy’ and have alleged they think it is an earlier unidentified species of dinosaur, a source reports.

Researchers are not so persuaded though and want to study the remains in order to figure out what it is.

The mystery creature’s body is currently being taken from Udachny on an 1160 miles trip to Yakutsk for more examination.


The prehistoric sands where the animal was found date back from the Mesozoic Era, around roughly 252 to 66 million years back, so the creature is possibly very old.

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