Santa Claus Wanted By The Police After Stealing A Helicopter

A Santa Claus is wanted by cops after he stole a helicopter and took its pilot prisoner.

Brazilian cops have started the unusual manhunt after a man donned in a white and red Father Christmas costume complete with black boots and white beard escape with a helicopter.


The cunning Chris Cringle rented the jet on Friday from an air taxi service at the Campo Marte airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

He informed the pilot he wanted to participate in a Black Friday surprise; however, through the flight the Santa’s cunning plot was disclosed.

The festive robber forced the pilot to fly to a small farm outside of Sao Paulo city and land.

As the helicopter descended a third man arrived and he and the Santa Claus imitator tied up the pilot.

The shameful pair then got in the chopper and flew off.

After some hours, the pilot managed to flee and was able to alert cops who instantly started an investigation.

There has been no sign of the chopper, a Robinson model 44, the tricky Santa Claus or his little helper.

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