Science Has Just Confirmed Americans Never Stop Eating

As shown by a small new study published in Cell Metabolism, US citizens basically eat from the time that they get out of bed until the time they go to sleep.

To analyze this, scientists had 156 healthy San Diego dwellers take photos of everything they consumed daily for 3 weeks. They took these pictures with their handsets so the proof came with timestamps.


As it turns out, the food is no longer something for Americans. We are virtually snacking all day long.

For another part of the research, scientists requested eight obese Americans to eat for approximately ten hours daily for sixteen weeks; the participants were not offered any calorie limitations.

Throughout this 16-week period, participants supposedly consumed twenty percent lesser calories and lost approximately 7lbs simply because they were offered lesser hours in which to eat.

The jury is still out on if it is safer to graze or consume three square meals, and this research is too small to obtain any genuine findings just yet.

Nevertheless, these results are as much as necessary for us to skip the trip to the vending machine we were going to take.

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