Scientists Capture A Black Hole Devouring A Star

Black holes are intriguing, as they have a gravitational field so powerful that no radiation or matter can escape it. And scientists were fascinated by observing a rare black hole event.

Black Hole_a

A black hole has a huge amount of gravitational pull that it even swallows stars, and for the first time ever researchers documented this in addition to an amazing phenomenon that followed. Astronomers traced a star, which was roughly the same size as our sun; however, an outstanding 300 million light years away. It had the ill-fated orbit traveling too near the black hole.

Powerful tidal forces split the star apart and then it’s devoured by the supercolossal black hole. But a few of the stars was burped out and a hot flare of matter was emitted into space.

Black Hole_b

Scientists allege that this is the first time anybody has successfully picked up the radio signals generated by this flare of escaping matter. Black hole jets have been seen before; however, they have never been directly connected to a star being wiped out.

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