Scientists Claim We Could Be Receiving Alien Broadcasts Right Now

Two esteemed astrophysicists allege aliens might already have attempted to communicate with the Earth, just one week after astronomers saw a ‘mysterious signal’ originating from a far away galaxy.

Ralph Pudritz and René Heller of McMaster University allege that aliens are probably searching the stars looking for alien life, using the similar tactics as us: looking for the shadow of a planet moving in front of a star.

Alien_aBoth as well state that if aliens are out there, they will most likely only manage to see our planet at a particular point in its orbit around the Sun, when it moves in front of the star.

This implies that they will just be able to see us from a particular vantage point. The astrophysicists think that if we want to raise our likelihood of running into aliens then we must focus on this ‘thin slice of space’ to enhance our likelihood of getting broadcasts.

In meantime, Astronomers at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization in Australia have been able to trace the origin of a unexplained signal referred to as a ‘fast radio burst’ for the first time.

In a paper published in Nature, the scientist researchers stated the massive burst of energy may be traced to a galaxy 6 billion years away from Earth.

It has earlier been suggested that fast radio bursts are ‘alien beacons‘, attempting to make contact with other civilizations; however, as these fast radio bursts have as much energy as the sun pumps out in 10,000 year that which appears impossible.

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