Scientists Discover 5 Yr Old Boy Is Telepathic

This telepathic 5-year-old boy is being studied by scientists after amazing people with his apparent mind-reading capabilities.

Little Ramses Sanguino managed to speak with an unerring precision that random numbers his mother Nyx is looking at.


Currently the boy, who is solving complex math problems and learning seven languages, is being examined by scientists owing to his stunning abilities.

Ramses is thought to be one of the top 5 intellectuals globally and Nyx posts videos of her youngster boasting his talents on the internet.

The youngster’s exploits have even caught the eye of a respected neuroscientist, who is examining Ramses as part a state-of-the-art research project into telepathy.

Dr Diane Powell, who was previously on the faculty at Harvard Medical School, watched a clip posted this year on YouTube of him showing telepathy with his mom.


Diane theorizes that telepathy might represent an alternative way of communication between autistic kids and their parents.

But she already alleges to have seen indications of telepathy in at least seven different people and is currently dedicating her study time to the matter.

Ramses, who is identified as having a high working form of autism, has been documented displaying telepathy in home footages recorded by his mom.

Many of the videos show the boy reciting numbers written by his mom out of eyesight, and she swears that there is no deception.

In 3 meetings with the Diane, he has managed to display a degree of telepathy.


She used a random-number generator to choose numbers for the mom to write and think about after which get Ramses to attempt to read his his mom’s mind to guess them.

Nyx states her son has at times managed to recite thirty-eight numbers written on a board secretly.

In one more test with Dr Powell show, Ramses managed to accurately guess sixteen out of seventeen numbers concealed secretly, which include a double digit number.

But Nyx’s major worry is helping locate a specialist school for her son, who Dr Powell has called ‘one of the smartest 5-year-olds on the planet’.

The mother states Ramses can understand and recite parts of numerous languages, which include Japanese, Hebrew, Greek and Arabic.


Ramses can as well draw the whole periodic table, solve rudimentary algebra problems and has knowledge of square roots.

Nyx, who is homeschooling Ramses, stated, “I knew even before Ramses was given birth to he was going to be somebody unique who would change the world. Even when he was an infant he did not like toys, he only preferred reading.

“Ramses began reading when he was twelve months old and say words in Japanese, Spanish, English and Greek.

“When Ramses was eighteen months old he knew all the multiplication tables in Spanish and English and had learned all atomic numbers and the periodic table.

Dr Powell, who is researching other kids globally as part of her study, wishes to get Ramses sponsored into a special school for gifted autistic kids.

She stated: “Ramses is one of the top five savants intellectuals globally. He ought to be in a school for special students to allow them to make use of his mind and help him attain his potential.

Nyx is as well eager to enlarge her son’s opportunities and hopes he might one day change the planet.

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