Scientists Discover How To Reverse The Effects Of Aging

A researcher alleges to have gone through the first gene therapy, which reverses ageing effects.

Elizabeth Parish, CEO of medical company BioViva, started her firm’s gene therapy in 2015 and presently states that her treatment has demonstrated preliminary results.


One of the tests she went through was to shield her body against muscle depletion that takes place naturally with getting old while the other was to fight stem cell depletion that occurs due to age-related illnesses.

Ms Parrish, who initially went through the treatments to verify that her firm’s work was safe, stated: “Current therapeutics give only minimal benefits for those afflicted with illnesses of ageing.

“In addition, lifestyle change has restricted impact for treating these illnesses.

“Advances in biotechnology are the most effective approach, and if these results are anywhere near accurate, we have made history.”

Dmitry Kaminskiy, founding associate of portfolio firm of Deep Knowledge Life Sciences (DKLS), added: “BioViva may possibly make advancements in human gene therapy study, while leapfrogging firms in the biotech market.”

BioViva states that it will “carry on and keep an eye on Parrish’s blood for several months and years to come,” seeking to prove long life in their results.


The firm was able to reverse the ageing effects of by lengthening Parrish’s telomeres.

Telomeres are DNA fragments that cap both ends of each chromosome and defend against the deterioration of natural ageing.

But, as a person grows old, the telomeres shorten and can no longer guard the chromosome that causes ageing.

By lengthening the telomeres, BioViva states that her life “lengthened by roughly twenty years.

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