Shocking NEW Footage Shows Gorilla Protecting The Boy

Amazing new video of how Harambe the gorilla was shielding a four-year-old boy who fell into his enclosure, moments before he was shot dead has emerged.

Minutes later, the gorilla was fatally shot in a bid to safeguard the boy, Isaiah, who had plunged twelve feet into the cage.


Harambe, a Silverback gorilla aged 17, was shot dead by Cincinnati Zoo zookeepers who feared for the safety of the boy.

But eyewitnesses to the incident on have alleged the gorilla was displaying no hostile behavior towards the child.

It’s alleged that screams from those watching the unfolding scenario panicked Harambe, making him drag Isaiah at a fast speed across the water.


And in this recent clip from the dramatic scene, Isaiah is seen sat peacefully beside the enormous animal.

In one instance, the gorilla also seems to wrap his arms around the youngster.

At one time Harambe and Isaiah also seem to briefly hold hands.

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