Spider Crawls Into Man’s Ear

So it seems that bugs just won’t quit creeping in people’s ears while they are asleep. A new creepy footage gives us a nice old look at one eight-legged visitor getting flushed out of one unlucky guy’s ear canal.


After he realized a spider had set up shop in his head while he was sleeping, this poor guy called on one of his friends to help him get the bug out.

And, luckily, his pal had a quite creative trick up his sleeve; he put a few ear drops inside his friend’s ear to attempt to entice the spider out, whilst filming the entire thing, obviously.

After some seconds, the arachnid climbs out, perhaps pondering what the hell is going on. It chills out atop the ear for some seconds, obviously not overly willing to leave its makeshift cave, before dashing up to the guy’s hair.

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  • Jane


  • Jane