Students Watch Adult Films Together

This is not something that happens every day.


Certainly not something anyone will be willing to watch in a group.


Watching porn doesn’t ask for company.


Watching the dirty flicks along with your mates can be downright disgusting but that is what this social experiment is all about.


The reactions of the students of the University of Bristol are captured in the six minute long video.


A third year student named Gemma filmed the reactions of her college mates. Here is the video:

Gemma reported:

“We’re always trying to tackle not just issues that affect the student body, but current issues that affect everyone. We thought porn would be a good one to do because both men and women have opinions on it. It was such a nice group of people, some were friends of ours and others we just grabbed when they were walking through the students’ union. A couple of the girls had never seen porn before and they were the ones most funny and relaxed.Two of the guys were so awkward, they just weren’t speaking at all. Their body language is very uncomfortable.”

One of the students Amber Roberts shared her view:

I’m not the type of person that gets embarrassed about that kind of thing, but it was a bit weird. I think the guys were more awkward than the girls, girls just giggled whereas its more awkward because they’re familiar with it. I thought it was good because it reveals when you take it into a public context, people are quite shocked -it takes away the fantasy.”

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