Syrian Rebel Blows Himself Up After Taking A Selfie

This footage appears to show the moment a Syrian rebel taking a selfie blew himself and his fellow comrades up by using a phone connected to a bomb.

The video that hasn’t been confirmed shows members of the Free Syrian Army getting together around a camera.


The 8 men are seen singing into a microphone as they sit in front of a rebel flag, with two rifles propped up in front of them.

The thirty-second video shows one of the men picking up a phone and holding it up to take a photo of him and other comrades.

A clicking sound can be heard minutes before an unexpected explosion rocks the room, with fire and smoke obscuring the camera’s view.


The moment the dust clears, the camera has been blown backward onto the ground and is facing towards a ceiling fan.

The rebels can be heard shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’, which means ‘God is great’, as they leap over the camera to assist their comrades.

The fact that the camera wasn’t damaged and that the other men in the room seem uninjured shows the bomb might have been not as big as others seen used by rebels and Islamic State militants in Syria.

It isn’t known if anybody was hurt or killed in the explosion.


The Free Syrian Army (FSA) is allied with the coalition of western nations, which include France, the US, and Britain, in the fight against Islamic State militants.

The rebel group is as well battling against forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad following the revolt in the nation back in 2011that has resulted in massive bloodshed along with refugee crisis.

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