Teacher Bullied By Student In Classroom

Terrifying video has surfaced showing a despondent teacher being subjected to intimidation and abuse inside a classroom by a group of American high school students.


In the short video, a wild student may be spotted tossing things at her, telling her to ‘sit your a** down’ and using a chair to threatening her.

While he keeps on provoking to the teacher, other students in the room laugh and motivate him.

Having lost charge of the classroom, the teacher can do little to stop the students; however, she remains calm in the midst of their frightening behavior.



The video was filmed using a handset in 2011 by one of the students at Chicago Vocational Career Academy.

It shows a student constantly attempting to make his way towards the teacher, who is sitting still at her desk, as his classmates hold him back.

A few seconds later, he the student picks up a desk and chair and holds it above her head in a menacing way, before afterward joking he is going to use a whole bag of M&M to ‘smack her a**.




Though minimal attempt is made to stop him, she does give some calm protestations.

When he throws tosses many unidentified items towards her, she the teacher requests him to remove ‘whatever you’re throwing’.

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