Teen Commits Suicide After Smoking Marijuana

A teen committed suicide after school administration told him he had ruined his future by smoking marijuana.

As reported by Raw Story, the Geneva High School student aged 16 and quarterback Hayden Long was on Monday discovered dead at his residence.


A pal of his, Hank Sigel, wrote a letter blaming the suicide on officials of the school who heartlessly rebuked Hayden, himself and four students at the homecoming dance.

The letter details how the 6 teenagers, all of whom are honor students and athletes, were met with cruel and certainly needless punishment as the officials thought they smelled like marijuana.

Sheriff William Johnson stated all 6 students admitted to smoking marijuana the night of the dance. A few of the students were discovered to be carrying smoking paraphernalia during the time.

Sigel’s letter indicates the students were quizzed without their parents; however, Sheriff Johnson stated Ohio law doesn’t need parental supervision for the questioning of juveniles.

Sources say a petition on Change.org demands the school administrators who disciplined the students to be held accountable for the suicide.

It alleges if the school officials “had used a more mature and expert approach to Hayden, “he would probably be still alive.

Geneva High School, however, made public a statement apparently on behalf of Hayden’s parents, which states they “in no way condemn the school system and are furious that some people are speaking for them.’

Superintendent Eric Kujala as well stated the petition is only making it harder for the school to mourn the death of Hayden.

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