Teen Girl Encouraged Boyfriend To Kill Himself Through Texts

A youngster accused of manslaughter sent text messages that seem to show she pressured her boyfriend to kill himself suicide, it has been disclosed.

Prosecutors state that 18-year-old Michelle Carter knew she could go to prison if cops discovered her messages on Conrad Roy III’s phone.


She is as well accused of asking him to delete the texts from his handset that were afterward discovered by investigators.

Michelle, who was aged 17 back then, texted a friend after the death of her boyfriend stating: “(If the cops) read my messages with him A am done. His loved ones are going to hate me and I could go to jail.”

The teen is charged with first-degree unintentional manslaughter over Roy’s suicide in a supermarket car-parking lot in Fairhaven, Massachusetts in July 2014.


As stated by prosecutors, Michelle pressured her boyfriend to go through with suicide for nearly one week before he performed the act.

She is thought to have to counseled him to get over his fears, studied ways of committing suicide without experiencing pain and lied to cops, his her friends and his family regarding his whereabouts.

Michelle as well very openly mourned the death of Roy on Twitter and Facebook, only three days before she was charged.

Authorities blame her of being a wolf in sheep’s clothing in spite of regularly talking about her “love” for Conrad on the internet.

Michelle, who organized a charity softball competition in Conrad’s memory, tweeted that the fund-raiser, referred to as Homers for Conrad, drew in over $2,300 for mental health awareness.


Michelle’s lawyer argues that the charges must be dropped as her messages are protected by free speech.

As stated by attorney Joseph P. Cataldo, Michelle was “brainwashed” into supporting the suicide plans of Roy.

The lawyer was quoted as telling reporters: “He eventually convinced a young, vulnerable girl. Finally, he gets her to support his plan.”

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