Teen Wins Big With Simple Invention

teen1There are times when you inner genius may yearn for public recognition every time you hit the right button during your daily routine.

However, no matter how many feathers you have collected in your cap, Ann Makosinki will still put all the folks to shame.

The 18-year-old got richer by an incredible $50,000 after she came out triumphs in Shell Canada’s Quest Climate Grant for coming up with not one, but two inventions that make use of heat to produce electricity.

Initially, there was a flashlight that utilized the body heat to function and then came the eDrink.

The eDrink is such that it makes use of surplus heat from your hot drink to produce electricity and utilizes a USB port at the bottom of the mug, you can use the same electricity to charge your phone.

It’s absolutely amazing, and since the gadget is still in prototype form, Ann says the support she has garnered has been ‘overwhelming’ and she even appeared on the Jimmy Fallon Show to discuss about it.

Yeah, life is cruel at times.




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