Teenager Shares Blackface Nicki Minaj Costume Online

A teenager has come under attack for donning blackface as part of her Nicki Minaj Halloween attire.

Twitter user @Emmajohns 129 faced the fury of social media on after she posted pictures of herself wearing blackface, a leopard-print one-piece, a white wig, and a padded behind to mimic Nicki for her homecoming Halloween attire.


The rapper and Drake in the cut #DynamicDuo#homecoming #ovo,’ she captioned the photos of her and another high school student, who wasn’t in blackface.

As you would expect, her inconsiderate outfit took the web by storm, and she was shortly vilified by fellow Twitter users several threatened to report her to her high school, and also her prospective college, University of Florida.


Others shared pictures of email that they sent to administrators in her school district.

In the midst of the uproar on Twitter, Emma issued an apology and changed her account on Twitter to private before deleting it all together.

But many were perplexed that she would even think about wearing blackface.


Sadly, this is a problem that comes up way too often during the Halloween season.

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