Teenagers Jailed For Wearing Baggy Pants

Four students have been charged with indecent exposure lately, and two of them put behind bars for it, all due to them donning baggy pants.

Two seniors at Bolivar Central High School in Tennessee, roughly seventy miles east of Memphis, spent 2 days behind bars due to their sagging clothing.


One of the students, Antonio Ammons said he had never been imprisoned and was placed with the other prisoners.

Hr said he as well has to work out how to pay over $250 in court fees and fines.

Baggy pants go against the school dress code, and Deputy Charles Woods, who is the school’s resource officer, stated he had already rebuked the students many times.

Records posted on the internet by Hardeman County Sheriff’s Department reveal four arrests for indecent exposure between 1st November, and 15th November, with three of the arrests made by Woods.

Deputy Woods stated in an affidavit that Antonio had been suspended earlier for “showing gang-related hate intimidation or violence,” and that he “strolls around all day disrespecting school rules, other students, the teachers, and the principal.

But not everybody agreed with the decision to imprison the students for their clothing option.

Saggy pants have turned out to be a point of disputation in some communities and have been barred in many places, which include New Jersey, Florida, Opa-Locka and Wildwood. Previously, a city council member in Dadeville, Alabama, suggested barring sagging pants.

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