Teen’s Rare Condition Causes Her To Cry Blood

A 16-year-old girl suffers from a condition that makes her fingernails, nose, eyes and ears ooze blood.

Marnie Harvie is believed to be the only person in Britain, and perhaps worldwide, with the scary symptoms.


Medics were puzzled by the bleeding that begins without warning and can take place up to five times daily.

Countless tests and scans have been unsuccessful to find a reason behind the condition that leaves Marnie tired and suffering migraine-like headaches.

It has forced her to put her life on hold. Marnie has had to quit college and has struggled to get a job, go on holiday or get a boyfriend, due to the bleeding.


She began coughing up blood following a chesty cough in Feb. 2013.

Marnie was troubled with headaches and began missing so much school her 43-year-old shop assistance mother Catherine, and 44-year-old factory worker father Lee, were also threatened with a lawsuit.

Then this July, “gloopy in tears of blood” started to seep blood from one of her eyes. The following day, Marnie bled once more from her ears, eyes and nose.

One medical student, who checked the teenager, even suggested stigmata, a phrase used by Christians to illustrate pain or marks in areas related with Jesus’ crucifixion wounds.


The family has discovered one related case. In 2008, 14-year-old Twinkle Dwivedi was reportedly bleeding srangely in India.

Her mother hopes sharing her daughter’s story brings new hope of a diagnosis for Marnie.

Marnie’s illness appears to defy medical science.

Haemolacria is the medical term for tears of blood; however, it’s very uncommon.


Causes can consist of tear gland disorders, injuries and clotting issues; however, Marnie’s case appears unique to her as she as well bleeds from her fingernails, nose and ears.

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