The Kylie Jenner Challenge – Teens Risking Injury To Get Bigger Lips

A disturbing new trend called the ‘#kyliejennerchallenge’ is sweeping social media, encouraging young people to blow their lips to epic sizes using soft glasses or bottles.

The painful method entails participants placing their mouth over the opening of a jar, cup or other narrow vessel and then sucking in until the air vacuum leads to their lips to puff up, all in the anticipation of imitating the bee-stung pout of Kylie Jenner.


Numerous teenagers, both boys and girls, have been sharing on Instagram and Twitter the distressing results of their experiments that in most cases have caused severe bruising around the mouth.

Unexpectedly, given the large number of young people trying the feat, it seems the results are certainly not desirable.

The technique works through the airlock made in the opening of the jar or glass that increases the flow of blood to the lips and makes them puff up.




Problematically, the outcomes are proven to last for several hours, even days, with many people making complaints that they were stuck with the side effects for more time than anticipated.

Lots of Twitter users have been fast to ridicule the trend.

In March, two Icelandic sisters tried the trick by sucking into a hairspray lip and cautioned others against it after the stunt went terribly wrong.




18-year-old Yrja Ás Baldvinsdottir and her sister Birgitta Ás, from Reykjavik, were left with puffed up and blue bruised lips.

As for Kylie, 17, she has lately denied artificially enhancing her lips, in spite of a lot of speculation to the contrary.

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