The Mythical El Chupacabra Was Captured On Film

Weird footage has surfaced, which seems to show a bizarre, yeti-esque creature casually roaming through a desert.

Reportedly shot in Portugal, the strangely man-like creature may be seen gradually walking about before vanishing behind a bush in the center of the screen.

El Chupacabra-a

Some online commenters have stated it may be a Chupacabra, the mythical Central and South American goat sucker, but how the legendary creature made its way over the Atlantic and is currently knocking about in Portugal is anybody’s guess.

Others have remarked that the footage has a creepy likeness to Roger Patterson’s classic Bigfoot video, shot in 1967.

The Portuguese footage that was, first uploaded to the Web roughly one month ago, has currently been viewed almost 100,000 times, but many people are quite skeptical regarding its genuineness.

The recent ‘sighting’ comes barely one week after the carcass of another vampire creature was found by a guy out fishing in Big Darby Creek in Ohio.

But unfortunately, he was not able to bring the corpse back to be analyzed.

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