The World’s First Head Transplant To Take Place In 2017

The likely location and date for the first-ever human head transplant have been set, after the contentious Italian medic that will lead the operation stated that he has chosen his team of surgeons.

Sergio Canavero, a Radical Italian surgeon, has drawn criticism and appeal after he publicized plans to chop off a man’s head and place it onto another body. Many people had anticipated that the planned surgery would possibly never take place; however, a team has currently been selected to lead the surgery.

HEAD_CItalian surgeon Sergio Canavero

Sergio is aiming to finish the surgery that will cost $11 million, and take 36-hours, by December 2017, according to sources.

The transplant will probably take place in China, with a team composed mostly of surgeons from the country, according to sources. That is prone to increase concerns regarding the already highly-contentious surgery since China has been criticized for making use of the organs of killed prisoners without their permission.

The operation has already drawn prevalent condemnation, from medics who insist that it’s prone to kill the person going through it, and that should he make it through he will go through something a “lot worse compared to death”.

Russian Valery Spiridonov has also been chosen as the recipient of the new body. He is affected with the rare, genetic Werdnig-Hoffmann illness that slowly wastes away his muscles.


Russian Valery Spiridonov

At the time of the operation, the donor and patient will each have their head chopped off their body in a super-fast operation. The transplanted parts will then be fixed together with stitches and glue.

Spiridinov will then be put in a month-long coma and given drug injections meant to prevent the head and body from rejecting each other.

Since the operation is unprecedented, besides mixed results in monkeys and dogs, medics are unsure what might take place during the procedure, or even how Spiridinov will probably be if and when he wakes up.

Ren Xiaoping, who will collaborate with Canavero to try the operation in the next 2 years, stated that the team will only try it if study and tests prove that it’s going to be successful.

The surgery will most likely take place in China, at the Harbin Medical University, according to sources.

Since Ren was unable to say where the donated body may be located, a few have worried that the donated body may be taken from an executed inmate.


In China, where the large population along with a minimal number of donations has resulted in a high demand for organs, a market of forced donations as well as a black market for the sale of body parts has thrived.

Canavero has stated that China is eager to take part in the operation as a means of showing its eagerness for scientific research to the globe, equating the race to finish the transplant to the space race. The Italian medic has recognized that he may head to prison for carrying out the operation in an unfriendly country and stated that he has “been researching Chinese for some years.

The medic has stated that the surgery is simply an initial stage towards his ultimate goal of immortality.

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