Toddler Born With His Brain Growing Into His Nose

A toddler whose brain grew inside his nose has been portrayed by his proud mother as the real-life Pinocchio.

The 21-month-old little boy, Ollie Trezise, was born with a rare condition that made his brain develop through a tiny crack in his skull into his nose.

As he drew, Ollie’s nose did also, forcing him to go through a series of painful surgeries to help him to breathe.

However, unfortunately, his 22-year-old mother Amy Poole states her son is presently subject to awful remarks from strangers, who state he is ‘ugly’ and ought to never have been born’.

Amy described it as very distressing when she hears the horrible remarks. However, stated her son was perfect and could not be prouder of him.


Amy first learned that something was up after her scan at week 20 when medics informed her that he had soft tissue growing on his face. In spite of these early indications, she was still quite stunned when she gave birth to him in February 2014.

An MRI scan afterward disclosed that the swelling was an encephalocele, a defect that makes the brain develop through an opening in the skull. In Ollie’s case, the sac was able to grow on his nose, making it protrude.


Medics informed Amy how they had to operate on Ollie to allow him to breathe; however, she was afraid that the major operation would kill him. However, she cautioned that he could contract a disease or meningitis if nothing was done on him.

Therefore in November 2014, the little boy went through a 2-hour operation at Birmingham Children’s Hospital that proved to be a total success.

Ollie was left with a zig-zag scar; however, explained that he kept laughing and smiling in spite of the clear pain.


Now totally recovered, Amy is willing to spread awareness of the rare condition, so other kids can be stopped from bullying.

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