Tragedy Avoided As American Pilot Dies Mid Flight

Medical emergencies are uncommon, but barely unprecedented in commercial flights.

It is considerably less popular when they entail the plane’s aircraft’s pilot, and that pilot passes away.


That is what took place on an American Airlines flight between Phoenix and Boston.

57-year-old Captain Michael  Johnston was piloting the aircraft when he fell sick somewhere en route. The jet was landed without any problems by the co-pilot.

Crew staff “took amazing care of Mike, each other and our clients, “flight CEO Doug Parker stated in a statement sent to staff.


Initial toxicology examinations and a postmortem “disclosed that the death was due to natural illnesses, the Onondaga County, NY, medical examiner’ office stated, without giving specifics.

Michael’s wife said that her husband had a double bypass operation in 2006. She stated she was informed he probably passed away from a heart attack.

Cacciola was among the 5 crew members and 147 passengers on board Flight 550 when it took off about midnight. Their Airbus A320 jet was being managed by U .S. Airways that is part of American.

After the pilot fell sick, the plane was diverted to Syracuse, NY.


Those aboard knew something was amiss when a woman’s “trembling” sound emerged over the intercom, notifying them that the pilot was ill, passenger Peter McSwiggin said.

As stated by passenger Julia House, passengers waited for the body to be taken out. They made it to Boston almost 5 hours after their slated landing time.

Passengers voiced sorrow regarding what took place and thankfulness they reached safely.

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