Transgendered Man Discovers He Was Pregnant

A transgender man lately gave birth to a baby girl halfway through his gender transition.

Born female, Kayden Coleman had been living as a man for almost ten years when he found out he was pregnant.


Kayden’s doctors had him stop his hormone treatment as part of a preparation for a mastectomy, part of the gender reassignment procedure. Kayden said the process necessitates taking a break for 6 weeks.

Kayden stated some months after discontinuing the treatment, he started to feel weird.



The two joked regarding taking a pregnancy test, but to their surprise, the test came up positive. Upon visiting his physician’s office, Colman Kayden discovered he was twenty-one weeks pregnant.

The development forced Kayden to come out as transgender to most people around him, which include the family of his partner.




Born female: Kayden, pictured as a little girl

By all accounts, Kayden had relatively conventional pregnancy and finally gave birth to a daughter the couple named Azaelia.

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