UFO Crashes In South Africa

Secret agents are investigating a crashed UFO after it fell near a road; at least that is what we are led to accept as true.

In the persuasive video, the green lights from the UFO may be seen shooting through the sky, before it appears as though it has come down close by.


However, the viral stunt, showing South African people that a downed UFO had crashed in their country flopped, when intelligent social media users rumbled it as a prank within minutes.

The hoax, to advertise a new health drink, began with footage seemingly displaying odd lights in the sky, and one of them then crashing to earth.

In the entire advert that shows the marketing campaign as a joke sees teams donning bio-hazard suits beginning to cordon off areas in the southern city of Cape Town.



Then they are spotted in the area of Sandton, Johannesburg, and also other cities around that appeared to be a crashed alien spaceship.

However, the stunt was blown when Twitter users recognized it as a trick at once.


Afterward, the PR company behind the stunt confessed the attempted trick dreamed up to sell a health drink for clients FutureLife and Clover.

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