Water Discovered On Mars

While planet Mars is proven to have frozen polar ice caps such as those of Earth, for the first time NASA researchers are saying that Mars might now have liquid water just below its surface.


The Curiosity Rover has made a unique discovery; when temperatures do down at night water from the environment changes into frost underneath the surface of the Red Planet.

The water can then be absorbed into upper soil surface layers letting it turn to liquid before evaporating once more when temperatures increase in the morning.

This has big repercussions for future Astronauts visiting Mars who might acquire the subsurface moisture.


NASA’S Curiosity team came across evidence of water by means of studying a king of salt, which helps melt the icy water even in the sub-zero temperatures of Mars. Basically, it is similar to when the city salts the road in the time of winter to reduce the melting temperature of the ice and make people vehicles gross and crusty.

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