White Guy VS Black Guy Breaking Into A Car – Racist Prank

The YouTube channel Simple Misfits have released a video titled Black Guy Breaks Into A Car which is a social experiment that highlights the sad truth of what happens when a black man is seen breaking into a car as opposed to a white guy breaking into one. Perhaps racism is still more alive than we think in America. Nevertheless it’s still a funny video. Nevertheless the video is a funny one.

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  • blahblahblah

    Honestly, there’s far too much going on with this to count as accurate signs of racism. Different people walking by, with different morals, different police officers, maybe the first guy was just a lazy sod? Also, the white guy was a tiny, skinny shrimp, no one’s going to find him threatening, the black guy was tall, big built and had a hoodie on, that’s automatically more intimidating, regardless of race. Also, people probably just thought that the white guy was a sado that’s been locked out of his car by the way he was acting haha. I’m not denying that racism still exists, but this experiment is just stupid and fuels hatred.

    • Digruntled

      id love to see these things done, but where both white and black guys look the same! for example the biker looking white guy watching, bald, big with tatoos… i would my right arm he would get the same treatment as the big black guy. Also what if you had a small slim intelligent looking black guy in geeky clothes, then a white gang member type? the only type of prejudice you can see here is against big guys! I know guy who sings (musicals) and does adverts he belongs to a agency “cops and robbers”. guess what he always plays. the guy does musicals…. but he is 6’4 has massive shoulders and is bald. Which is perceived as dangerous, threatening and stereotyped as a robber. It seems these videos go out out of their way to show there Is racism, as opposed to trying to determin whether or not there is racism!

    • You Dumb Racist

      you are very dumb which have me to believe that you are racist because instead of acknowledging what is actually happening in the video you makes excuses smh shame on you!!!!

  • Rädda Svenskarna

    Black men are also very much overpresented when it comes to crimes like these so why is it racism if people react stronger? Just take a look at the ratio of black:white men in the US and then take a look at the ratio of black:white men in the US prisons. The probability of that the black man is breaking into the car is far greater and its not racism to react differently in this situation, its only natural – especially considering how they dress and carry themselves just like the earlier poster mentioned.

    • You Dumb Racist

      OMG WTF does that have to do with any of this A CRIME IS A CRIME wither you’re black, white, Asian, Mexican, or fucking ompa lumpa we are all equal when it comes to a crime so your saying if a white man shot and kill a person no matter his or her racist he should have lesser or no time because of probability causes no or if he steal a fucking piece of 5 cent bubble gum because he is white its ok because its not probable for a white man to commit crime shaking my head you and
      blahblahblah need to become best friends smh SHAME ON YOU TOO!!!

  • lalalalalala

    why are people so racist? I have white skin and my long time bestie has dark skin we are inseperable