Who Really Hacked Pokemon Go? – UPDATE

Pokémon GO’s servers have been quite unsteady since the game was officially launched. Lately, logging into the improved reality game has turned out to be a lot more complicated, frustrating thousands of fans of Pokémon globally. Currently, two hacker groups have claimed responsibility for the game’s crashes, alleging that they have initiated a powerful DDos, attack on Niantic’s servers.


One of the hacker groups, PoodleCorp, had drawn some media attention lately after it attracted some YouTube channels. Among PoodleCorp’s victims was WatchMojo, which is one of the biggest channels in the whole website, with thousands of videos, which have been uploaded through the years and millions of subscribers.

What is especially annoying was that PoodleCorp finally stated that the DDos attack on Pokémon GO was only a little test. The hacker group cryptically alleged that it will be launching something “on a bigger scale” very soon.

It isn’t just PoodleCorp, which has claimed responsibility for the Pokémon GO server crashes, as another hacking team, OurMine, has as well claimed that they are responsible for the behind the DDoS attack on the augmented reality game’s servers. Similar to PoodleCorp, OurMine has lately drawn media attention, after the group successfully managed to hack social media accounts of tech celebs like Jack Dorsey and Sundar Pichai.

In a statement, OurMine proudly claimed that the hacker group wouldn’t let anyone to play the game except if a representative from Pokémon GO would get in touch with them.


As opposed to PoodleCorp’s statement that appeared to show that the group was just performing damage to Pokémon GO, OurMine alleges that its DDoS attack on the servers of Pokémon GO is just their way of teaching its developers the way to better secure the hyper-popular game.

Unsurprisingly, the attacks on Pokémon GO’s servers on the game’s servers haven’t been received well by players of the well-liked title. Some Pokémon GO enthusiasts have voiced out their disappointment on the internet, saying that the hacker groups aren’t doing anything good by shutting down the game.

Pokémon GO’s Pokémon GO’s developer, Niantic Labs, has said that it’s currently working to deal with the attacks on the game’s servers. In the latest statement, the developer guaranteed users that the issues have been found and resolved and that players can once again go out and look for Pokémon to capture in the real world.

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