Wife Gets The Ultimate Revenge On Her Cheating Husband

Laura Arnolds discovered her husband’s cheating ways when she found steamy texts on his phone.

However, rather than becoming angry, the 42-year-old chose to get even by devising a clever plan to take her ultimate revenge.


When 44-year-old disloyal husband Craig took a flight to New York for business, she sold their marital home, changed all the locks and packed her bags.

When Craig came back home to Nuneaton, Warwickshire from New York he was locked outside and came across 6 students relaxing in the living room.

Laura had decided to sell the property after coming across the incriminating answer phone texts on Craig’s iPhone.

The flirtatious text was from another woman illustrated the saucy reception Craig can anticipate when he landed the U.S.

It was then Laura decided to sell the house.

It was put on the market within a fortnight for a cut-price figure and has been occupied by University of Warwick students.

Craig, who has since moved to London, talked about the confusing scene that greeted him at his property.

Evoking the dreamlike scene, he stated: ‘All the lights were on and the television loud.

The awful truth crossed the Craig’s mind when he was allowed in by the students and searched the house.

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  • Jester Cohort

    All bull$hit, Not possible to sell a house in under two weeks.